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AKATA Engineering Solutions specializes in services making use of the latest technology and implementing new strategies to offer the industry unparalleled results. This ranges from professional consulting engineering providing independent expertise in engineering, knowledge, and related areas, front-end designs and desktop studies to feasibility projects encompassing detailed structural, mechanical, piping plus electrical technical drawings, documents, and designs.

Mechanization in deep-level mines will become much more prevalent, owing to its safety, labour and productivity benefits. Therefore, we offer maintenance and repair services solutions to the trackless mining machinery (TMM) industry with cost effective operating models, which result in an overall cost saving and increase in productivity.

Our Services:

We pride ourselves on our professional consultation, providing independent expertise in the fields of engineering.

Our ability develop a deep understanding of our clients’ problems quickly, allows us not to only provide solutions but to deliver a complete offering with the highest level op competence and within the specified time period.

Our draughting and design team has the expertise to produce technical designs and drawings from the conceptual phase, right through to construction and the implementation phase, making use of best practise engineering and project management principles.

Our offering ranges from computer aided layouts and 2D drawings to the more advanced 3D models capable of delivering clash detection, shop detailing and intelligent measuring. 

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience, having successfully delivered a vast number of projects comprising a wide range of deliverables which include:

Surface Infrastructure

•Offices and Buildings
•Main Workshops
•Ventilation Fans And Bulk Air Coolers
•Headgears and Winders
•Compressor Stations
•Blasting Facilities
•Settler and Environmental Dams, and
•Site Plans
•Bulk Earthworks

Underground Infrastructure

•Underground •Workshops (Track-bound And TMM)
•Chairlift Layouts
•Bulk Air Coolers
•Refuge Chambers
•Machine Workshops
•Hoisting Solutions

Bulk Material Handling Systems

•Conveyor Belt Designs and Layouts
•Crushing Stations (Underground And Surface)
•Underground Tips
•Box-front and Bulkheads

Pumping & Piping Solutions

•Pump Station Layouts (Clean and Dirty Water Systems)
•Piping Layouts
•Settler System
•Underground Piping Reticulation
•Oil Separation

Processing Plants

•Backfill Plants
•Mud/Filter Presses 
•Water Purification Plants
•De-gritting Plants
•Mechanical Input Design Relating to Concentrator and Smelting Plants


•Conceptual Studies
•Pre-feasibility Studies
•Feasibility Studies
•CAPEX and CBE Estimates
•OPEX Estimates
•Financial Studies
•Lifecycle Costing
•Project Scope and Scheduling

In today’s economic climate clients cannot afford to continuously spend huge amounts of capital on brand new equipment. However, with effective maintenance throughout the machine’s lifecycle, one can extract maximum output and productivity of equipment for its intended purpose. 

Equally, at a certain stage, the equipment reaches a point where it becomes uneconomical to continue repairing it as part of on-going maintenance programmed. At this point, we refurbish and rebuild the machines to its original condition, but at a more economical cost compared to new equipment.

Our team of professional engineers, technicians, artisans, and specialists in manufacturing engineering has the proficiency to plan the practices of manufacturing in the most effective, efficient and economical way possible.

We take great care to:

  • Research and acquire the right tools
  • Develop best processes, machines, and equipment
  • Integrate different facilities, and 
  • Create systems for producing quality products without any defects

Light to Heavy Structural Fabrication

  • Conveyors / stringers / supports
  • Plant structures
  • Workshops / Buildings
  • General fabrication to client specifications
  • Chutes

Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Plat Work Fabrication

  • Mobile Refuge Chambers
  • Tanks, vessels / pressure vessels
  • Hoppers / rolling stock / chutes
  • Ducting / piping 
  • OEM equipment

Specialist Services and Equipment for Projects

  • Full project management
  • Engineering, drafting, modelling
  • Procurement
  • Construction and 
  • Turnkey (from feasibility to handover)

Ventilation/Cooling Systems and Equipement

  • Chilled water spot cooling coils
  • Bulk air coolers (open spray or closed-loop type)
  • Ancillary equipment (ventilation doors, control valves etc.)

Air Pollution Control Equipment 

  • Cloth filtration (bag, envelope and cartridge filters)
  • Cyclones and wet scrubbers
  • Electrostatic precipitators