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Blitz 3000X

Randfontein, Gauteng: AKATA recently announced the successful homologation and the formal introduction of the Blitz 3000X, high-speed electric motorcycle. The Blitz 3000X is a 3KW electric motorcycle and offers a new way for commuters and delivery drivers to face rising fuel prices.

Following months of intense research and development we are proud to announce the successful homologation of one of the first high-speed electric motorcycles in South Africa. The motorcycle is in full compliance with the South African Road Traffic Act, with regards to the VC 9098 specifications, and has been allocated with a model number on the eNaTIS system. This allows us to provide the product to the consumer market with the same ease as any other conventional motorcycle.

BLITZ scooters have already conquered the fast-food delivery market and ousted veteran industry players in Europe. Now the BLITZ3000X makes it possible for the parcel delivery market – who can’t charge their fleet at a fixed point – to have access to a smart, sustainable, and cost-efficient electric vehicle.

Taking only 30 seconds to change and allowing for a continuous ride, the exchangeable battery system is the fastest, cleanest, and most powerful way to refuel on the go. Providing 1500wh of energy and weighing only 7kg, the latest generation of Li-Ion NMC lithium cells deliver impressive power and range, safely. They also feature LED touch indication lights to track battery status, mitigating any surprises. 

Built for fast and easy recharging with latest BMS technology, the external unit can hold two batteries simultaneously and achieve 100% charge in less than 2 hours.

The BLITZ3000X promises to deliver an all-new uninterrupted driving experience. The new model can store up to three batteries, allowing a range of up to 120 km at 90km/h or 200 km at 45km/h, and dispelling any “range anxiety” for riders.

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