Mining Exploration

AKATA has completed several exploration programmes for commodities such as coal, gold, uranium, platinum, and copper

Our Mining Exploration offers include:

  • Asset verification 
  • Capturing of prospecting boundaries 
  • Setting out od drill grids 
  • Exploration management and data capture of all samples 
  • Sample preparation and delivery to assay laboratories 
  • Capturing of assay results 
  • 3D Survey Modelling 
  • Assay laboratories identification
  • Budgeting/Reconciliation 
  • Data Capture into data shed software. This ensures compliance to internationally laid down minimum requirement 
  • QA/QC 
  • JORC/SAREC/NX101 Compliance

AKATA offers mine design and scheduling services that are integrated with our geotechnical data knowledge and expertise. We can provide open pit and underground designs and schedules based on drill data, geostatistical analysis and block models.

AKATA provides environmental permitting services to government organizations and the mining industry. Our employees work with all aspects of environmental consulting from on the ground surveys to complex environmental analysis and report writing. We have extensive experience with environmental assessments,

environmental impact assessments, scoping reports, and the compilation of a comprehensive environmental programme.

  • Audit of existing EMPL/EMPR 
  • Public participation process 
  • Environmental Impact Assessments 
  • Scoping Reports 
  • Environmental Management Awareness Programmes 
  • Environmental Management Plans/Programme

AKATA’s project implementation is flexible enough to incorporate client teams as well as to conduct site-based management. Integrate planning, scheduling, cost control as well as status reporting functions simplify project management and administration. 

Services Provided

  • Development and implementation of optimal mining strategies
  • Operational assistance, reviews and improvements
  • Risk analysis
  • Financial evaluation Community entrap neutral training and skills transfer
  • Opencast operation

Drilling, Blasting, Loading, Hauling All labour and skill-based supply for the above, and Physical mining.