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About Working Hours

Your normal hours and the working pattern will be specified in your Contract of Employment.

The full-time contracted hours for most posts within the head office of the organisations are 40 hours per week excluding daily meal breaks. A daily unpaid lunch break of a minimum of 30 minutes must be taken if you work more than six hours daily. Site employees, specifically mining employees are required to work hours in accordance with mine production requirements which entail 180 hours per month, as this environment is based on production shifts that must be met.

Akata reserves the right to vary your hours and pattern of working, following consultation and agreement with you.

It is essential that you are ready to commence work at your normal commencement time as other employees and the business depend upon you and your contribution. Persistent poor timekeeping means that colleagues are put under pressure to cover their duties. This is not acceptable and will therefore be treated as a potential disciplinary offense under our disciplinary procedures.

Flexible Working

Akata has a policy of trying to assist staff to balance their work and home life and is therefore willing to consider requests from staff to vary their working hours or work pattern. Such requests will be considered taking into account the impact on the organisation, work colleagues, and any other relevant factors. Should you wish to discuss this you should speak to your department manager.