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Akata values good attendance at work and is committed to improving the general well-being of its employees to achieve this. Although we aim to secure regular attendance, we do not expect employees to attend when they are unwell.

Notification of Absence

Your department manager should be notified as early as possible if an absence from work is anticipated for hospitalisation and other medical treatment.

If you are unable to attend work due to sickness or injury, your department manager must be notified by telephone before your normal start time or as soon thereafter as possible on the first day of absence, if possible indicating the date of return. Notification should be made by you personally unless impossible due to the nature of the illness where you should arrange for someone else to call on your behalf. During prolonged periods of absence, your manager should be kept informed of progress and the expected date of return. Any employee who has been absent due to sickness and is found not to have been genuinely ill will be subject to disciplinary action, which could include dismissal.

Sick Leave Payments

Payment of Sick leave is governed by the Labour Relations Act and is detailed in your contract of employment. A statement of Fitness for Word from your General Practitioner is required for 2 or more consecutive days away from work as well as any day preceding or after a weekend or public holiday. Failure to provide a proper doctor’s note will result in these days being seen as unpaid leave.