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Only software packages properly authorised and installed by the Company may be used on Company equipment, you must therefore not load any unauthorised software onto Company computers.

Internet Use

The internet is provided by Akata for business use. Limited private use is permitted if the private use does not interfere with a person’s work and if inappropriate sites are not accessed e.g. pornographic, gambling. Management has the right to access the system to check if private use is excessive or inappropriate.

Failure to comply with these instructions is an offence and will be subject to appropriate investigation. In serious cases, the penalty for an offence, or repetition of an offence, may include dismissal. You need to be aware that some forms of internet conduct may lead to criminal prosecution.

Email Use

  1. Email facilities are provided for formal business correspondence.
  2. Take care to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information. If emails need to be preserved, they should be backed up and stored offsite.
  3. Limited private use of email is allowed if it doesn’t interfere with or distract from an employee’s work. However, management has the right to access incoming and outgoing email messages to check if an employee’s usage or involvement is excessive or inappropriate.
  4. Non-essential emails, including personal messages, should be deleted regularly from the ‘Sent Items’, ‘Inbox’ and ‘ Deleted Items’ folders to avoid congestion.
  5. All emails sent must include the approved business disclaimer.
  6. It is your responsibility to ensure that emails related to internal business communication, processes or systems are not disseminated to outside parties. This is considered a serious breach of confidentiality disclosure and will result in disciplinary action.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that emails:
  • Are addressed to the correct recipients
  • That the subject heading allows for ease of reference and future retrieval
  • That the form of greeting and/or context is correct (name and title) and appropriate (subject-specific, professional and courteous).
  • Have all necessary and correct attachments.
  • Has the correct Company approved signature, formatting and fonts

It is your responsibility to store all incoming and outgoing messages in the appropriate folders on your computer. In addition, all shared/ project-specific emails are to be saved in the project-specific folders.

To protect Akata from the potential effects of the misuse and abuse of email, the following instructions are for all users:

  1. No material is to be sent as an email that is defamatory, in breach of copyright or business confidentiality, or prejudicial to the good standing of Akata in the community or to its relationship with staff, customers, suppliers and any other person or business with whom it has a relationship.
  1. Email must not contain material that amounts to gossip about colleagues or that could be offensive, demeaning, persistently irritating, threatening, and discriminatory, involves the harassment of others or concerns personal relationships.
  1. The email records of other persons are not to be accessed except by management (or persons authorised by management) ensuring compliance with this policy, or by authorised staff who have been requested to attend to a fault, upgrade or similar situation. Access in each case will be limited to the minimum needed for the task.
  1. When using email a person must not pretend to be another person or use another person’s computer without permission.
  1. Excessive private use, including mass mailing, “reply to all” etc. that are not part of the person’s duties, is not permitted.
  2. Failure to comply with these instructions is a performance improvement offence and will be investigated. In serious cases, the penalty for breach of policy, or repetition of an offence, may include dismissal.

Professional and Private use of Social Media

Akata expects its employees to maintain a certain standard of behaviour when using Social Media for work or personal purposes.

No employee, contractor or sub-contractor of Akata is to engage in Social Media as a representative or on behalf of Akata unless they first obtain Akata written approval.

If any employee, contractor or sub-contractor of Akata is directed to contribute to or participate in any form of Social Media related work, they are to act in a professional manner at all times and in the best interests of Akata.

All employees, contractors and sub-contractors of Akata must ensure they do not communicate any:

  • Confidential Information relating to Akata or its clients, business partners or suppliers;
  • material that violates the privacy or publicity rights of another party; and/ or
  • information, (regardless of whether it is confidential or public knowledge), about clients, business partners or suppliers of Akata without their prior authorisation or approval to do so; on any social or business networking sites, web-based forums or message boards, or other internet sites.

Confidential Information includes any information relating to Akata and related bodies, clients or businesses, which is not in the public domain. This includes, but is not limited to information relating to contracts, personnel, technology developments etc.