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Training includes internal on-the-job training, written instructions such as standard operating procedures, coaching, external training and courses. Safety training takes precedence.

Training that is deemed to be beneficial to both you and the business will be paid for by the company. You will need to adhere to the conditions of our ‘study policy’ and will be required to commit yourself to a working back period. The working back period will be commensurate with your gross monthly salary. Should you wish to read the Akata Study Policy, please contact your manager.

We believe that all our employees should strive for growth and development and as such, provide training opportunities which will:

  • Enable you to settle into your new role/ job. You will therefore be required to undertake our induction programme.
  • Enable you to develop relevant skills and acquire knowledge to underpin your current role and career aspirations.

Personal Development Planning (PDP)


Akata has a Personal Development Planning Scheme, the aims and purposes of which are:

  • To help managers and staff to make effective arrangements to identify and meet learning needs
  • To develop the skills, knowledge, values and behaviour that staff need to do their current jobs well

PDP-The Process

There are 4 stages in the process:

  • Preparation- where you and your manager prepare separately for the interview using the appropriate documentation.
  • The Personal Development Plan Discussion- where a personal development plan is agreed by you and your manager.
  • Action- where you develop your skills through workshops, in-house training, courses, mentoring and more.
  • Monitor & Review- the method and timescale for monitoring should be agreed at the discussion stage and implemented throughout the year.

The Personal Development Planning documentation is available from your manager.