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Every employee must read, understand and sign each of the AKATA policies to indicate they are aware of the rules and responsibilities they have whilst employed by Akata.

  1. Induction Policy                                                                                      
  2. Code of Conduct Policy                                                                         
  3. Training and Development Policy                                                       
  4. Personal Development Planning Scheme                                          
  5. Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures Policy                                  
  6. Total Quality Policy                                                                                
  7. Safety, Health, and Environmental Policy                                           
  8. Safety, Health & Environmental Management Plan                        
  9. Environmental Management Policy                                                    
  10. Occupational Health & Safety Plan                                                     
  11. Financial Policy & Procedures                                                              
  12. Conflict of interest Policy                                                                      
  13. Intellectual Property Policy                                                                  
  14. Social Policy                                                                                             
  15. Document Retention Policy                                                                  

Employee Declaration

Every employee is required to sign the following employee declaration:

“I have read and understood the contents of this Company Handbook along with the above policies. I have understood the contents and I confirm that I have sought clarification from my manager on any issues outlined in the Handbook which I am not clear about. I agree to the terms of conditions of these documents.”